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Food Trucks Compete At Seoul Night Market In Yeouido Han River Park

Food Trucks

The Seoul Night Market opened earlier this month with a competition to choose which food trucks will have permanents spots at the Yeouido Han River Park through the end of October. Korea FM attended the competition & spoke with one of the judges, A Fat Girl’s Food Guide writer Gemma Wardle, as well as food truck owners & customers who attended the event.

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Legal Battle Over LA Koreatown Community Center Building

Koreatown Sign Cropped

A four-story building in Los Angeles that once served as a symbol of uniting Korean Americans together as a community is now at the forefront of an ongoing legal battle between factions fighting for its control. KoreaFM.net spoke with LA Times reporter Victoria Kim & US attorney Andrew Barbour about the case.

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Public Sewol Discussion With LA Times’ Steven Borowiec At “Seoul Book & Culture Club”

Steven Borowiec PresentationOn the two year anniversary of the Sewol, dozens gathered at a public event in Seoul to discuss the factors that led to the April 16, 2014 ferry sinking that killed more than 300 people, most of whom were high school students on a field trip. LA Times reporter Steven Borowiec hosted the free “Seoul Book & Culture Club” event where he presented information from his ongoing Sewol reporting & facilitated discussion with both audience members & other journalists in attendance. KoreaFM.net recorded the presentation & asked the LA Times journalist why he chose to participate.

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Sewol 2 Year Anniversary Street Interviews

Sewol UnderwaterApril 16th, 2016 marks the two year anniversary of South Korea’s worst maritime disaster when the Sewol Ferry sank on a routine trip from Incheon to Jeju Island while transporting hundreds of high school students on a field trip. KoreaFM.net asked people on the streets of Seoul about the anniversary, how South Korea has changed since the sinking, & if the real truth of what happened will ever be known.

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Seoul Street Foods Seeing Culinary Rebirth?

Street Food StallThat’s the title of a recent piece from the Korea Herald that makes the case that while South Korea’s capital once saw only greasy, fried food & doughy dessert snacks, Seoul’s streets are now seeing new culinary creations & out-of-the-box dining options like never before. But, is that really the case? Korea FM spoke with YouTube artist Cory May & Korean food reporter Sue Ahn to get their opinions on street food in Seoul & across the ROK.

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Marmot’s Hole Podcast: Korean Parliamentary Election Results


Marmot’s Hole blogger Robert Koehler goes through the recent South Korean parliamentary election results & discusses his thoughts on Saenuri’s fall behind the main opposition Minjoo Party in National Assembly seats as well as the rise of liberal defector Ahn Cheol-soo’s new People Party.

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South Korean HIV/AIDS Patients Face Discrimination & Abuse

South Korea AIDS

Christian Science Monitor writer John Power says that while HIV & AIDS patients in South Korea have long found it difficult to find medical care, as the number of cases increase, so does patient abuse. Korea FM spoke with John Power & US attorney Benjamin Wagner, who has argued at the UN against discrimination in South Korea, to find out more about how HIV & AIDS patients are treated in the ROK.

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Young Korean Writers Discuss Their Work & South Korean Society

Authors & Colin

The Seoul Book and Culture Club & ASIA Publishers recently invited three young, award-winning Korean writers to discuss their work for the public. The event was hosted by Colin Marshall, an American essayist, interviewer & public speaker, & featured Chang Kangmyoung, author of Fired (알바생 자르기); Kim Min-jung, author of The World’s Most Expensive Novel (세상에서 가장 비싼 소설); and Kim Ae-ran, author of Where Would You Like to Go? (어디로 가고 싶으신가요).

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Korean Police Deny Wrongdoing In Australian’s Rape Investigation


Airdre Mattner says she was drugged, abducted & raped in Seoul last September, but after dealing with South Korean hospital staff & police, including a recent Facebook post by police that revealed private information regarding her case, she says she’s been devastated even further. Korea FM spoke with Mattner & the Korean reporter covering her story to learn more about how both foreign & Korean victims are treated by police & other authorities while seeking justice. Find more information on Airdre Mattner’s story at http://GoFundMe.com/JusticeForAirdre.

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Disabled South Koreans Most Common Victims Of Discrimination

Red Wheelchair

Data from the National Human Rights Commission of Korea shows more than half of all South Korean discrimination complaints in 2015 were filed by persons with disabilities, making the disabled the most common victims of discrimination in the entire country. Korea FM spoke with Ho Kyun Jeong of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea & Daniela Bas, Director of the Division for Social Policy & Development in the United Nations Department of Economic Affairs, to find out why.

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